Our Mission at Mitchell Medical Works

Mitchell Medical Works began in 2014 out of a desire to consult with doctors of all specialties. We are passionate about guiding the direction of each medical practice with regards to growth, maximizing profits, and optimizing patient care.

Our team has over 50 years of experience in various business fields, such as accounting/taxes, medical billing, management, and doctor recruiting, etc. Furthermore, as our client lists have grown, we have been fortunate to be included in some very exciting programs. These programs truly address the needs of medical patients across this great nation.

The most exciting of these programs is working with our most honorable Veterans! Our Veterans have sacrificed so much for all of us, and they need our help. Due to foreign engagements, many of our servicemen and women must file for disability benefit assistance.

Mitchell Medical Works has been enlisted by the VA and its service partners to find medical professionals who want to help our Veterans. The program has been streamlined to ease the use for our participating medical providers and to expedite the disability benefit process for our Veterans.

Several employees at Mitchell Medical Works have active duty service members in their immediate families and have Veterans that reach back for generations. We have a heart for Veterans and count ourselves blessed to play even the smallest role in helping them obtain the services they need and deserve.

We welcome anyone who wants to be a part of the team! Any medical professional that wants to learn more, please contact us!

God Bless America!!